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TBB-27 Heroine Suppression Vol.27

Because of her rare physical ability, an evil organization, Black Nova, took a girl’s life. She is reborn now through a remodeling operation as Super Beagle. A doctor of Black Nova who helped the remodeling operation, though he is an insider, worries about the peace of the earth, and he helps her escape before the operation. For the sake of the doctor, Super Beagle decides to beat Black Nova. She alone decides to sneak into the hideout of enemy. ・ Hard Fight With an Executive of Black Nova, Lieutenant Commander, Tarantz Tarantz, who shows his power difference, makes the situation good for him completely. ・ Beagle is Caught by Tarantz To make her tell the cooperator of the escape, Tarantz binds the chain of pentagon to her and ties her up gradually. And with that state, with a huge scissors of Krantz ties her up gradually. ・ Beagle is tortured by the old binding apparatus of Black Nova A rock is put down on her hands, legs, and stomack again and again, the at last, her mask and power belt is destroyed. ・ Beagle, who is imprisoned, is attacked by the tentacle with a projecting spine The tentacle, which binds her up with a unbearable power, is attacked by the Beagle’s special weapon… ・ Tarantz put microbombs on her activating facilities inside her body. After the uncontrollable body, her brain as well…

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