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TBB-24 Heroine Suppression Vol.24

Natsumi Kiryu was a shrewd female investigator belonged to the International Security Mechanism, and due to her manly personality she always launched into investigation by her own decision and seized criminals by force. One day, after Natsumi captured a gang of bank robbers alone, she found out that one of the criminals was a junky and she scented behind of the incident there should be an organized group of Japanese gangsters named the Kidokawa-Yakuza. Though as usual she was stopped by her leader of a head office, she ignored him and sneaked into the secret base of the Kidokawa-Yakuza. But she was detected by Kurosawa who was the number two of the Kidokawa-Yakuza. And she was held down by Kurosawa’s pet named John who was trained to be a combat machine with some medicines by Kurosawa... ・After Natsumi was restricted her arms and legs by John, she was dropped an iron cube onto her arms, legs and belly. ・She endured some serious pain induced by electric magnets on her arms and legs, which were capable to be flowed some electricity by touching. ・Natsumi was fixed devices of some mind reading detector, and she was forced to ride on an edge of a triangle shaped iron horse. If she had answered some lies or reacted nothing to Kurosawa, she would have got some pains on her crotch by the Thunder-Weight on her shoulder, which were gained the weight by each occasion...Was it possible for Natsumi to keep and hold her pride in an investigator, also in a women?

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