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JOVD-19 Sailor Heroine Fetish Hell!

Yuki fought as a sailor heroine to defeat the forces of evil. While she is returning from school, she finds a monster. The monster attacks Yuki’s legs over and over. She uses all of the powers left to defeat the monster but a mysterious man is filming all the details of the battle. Keisuke, the camera man, says he will upload all of the pictures of her on his website! Yuki must keep the truth about transforming into Sailor Heroine secret from her friends. Yuki listens to what Keisuke commands and becomes a model for him. Yuki visits his atelier and Keisuke takes pictures of her. He soon begins spreading mysterious lotion on her wound. Yuki bears the numbness but the man shows his true colors. Keisuke was replaced with a combatant. She tries to fight back but she cannot stand up due to the pain. She changes into the newest knee high boots and defeats the combatants. But her new boots have enormous side effects on her damaged legs. What is going to happen to Sailor Heroine’s legs!? [BAD END]

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