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JOVD-16 Heroine Hard Suppression - Ending Up Dead - The Magnaman Version

Queen Hedrezra of Empire Hedrean desires one thing more than anything: to torture Magna Pink, a female member of the Magnaman rangers, and see her crawling around in pain with a contorted face. To make her dark dream come true, she hatches a horrible plan. By arranging a series of decoy incidents for which other Magnaman fighters are dispatched all over the country, the scheming queen lures Magna Pink away to capture her! Magna Pink is attacked by a trickster monster Trigger, and the captured Pink goes through horrible tortures using specially designed torture devices – electric shocks and Darts Bomber invented by the queen herself to eliminate Magna Pink. Believing her partners will arrive to rescue her, Pink endures the hard tortures, but what she doesn’t know is the terrifying truths that will be revealed to shatter her hope completely.... [BAD END]

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