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JOVD-14 Heroine Hard Oral Surrender - Bird Angel

The Nicoles are space aliens who have sexual organs in their mouth. They are strongly attracted to graceful and strong fighter Bird Pink, Earth’s most beautiful superheroine. The Nicole aliens intend to capture Bird Pink and keep her as a servant to satisfy their sexual desires. Using their highly advanced science, they plan to abduct Bird Pink with a help from a space servant trader Gallos. Now it is time for the two ruthless space aliens to hunt the girl like a game.... The female warrior Bird Pink fights back desperately, but she is caught by the enemies using a cunning scheme. With her transformation canceled, Bird Pink is disgraced and forced to perform fellatio, too. She barely escapes, but the lusty Nicoles pursue her, and Bird Pink is captured and disgraced again.... Her beautiful, pink-colored sexual organ and lovely lips are forced open, and she becomes the sexual plaything of the horny Nicoles. In the end Bird Pink gives up fighting and winds up a sex servant of the aliens. [BAD END]

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