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JOVD-08 Heroine Tentacle Anal Torture - Sailor Lily

A young girl Marina is the owner of the zaibatsu conglomerate. She moonlights as a superheroine Sailor Lily battling evil in Racoon Town, using the magic she has been researching. One day she stumbles upon an illicit magic drug deal, and after a fierce battle she defeats the gangsters. What really surprised her is the identity of the dealer of the magic drug: a man named Rai, a former research consultant of the pharmaceutical company fired by Marina herself! Rai has been planning to turn the safe and friendly Racoon Town into what it once was, a chaotic, crime-infested town. To get rid of Sailor Lily who stands in the way of his plan, Rai sneaks into Sailor Lily’s home and, using a magic plant, covertly implants a seed inside her anus. Those who got the seed implanted in the body cannot move their bodies because of the powers of the magic plant! Sailor Lily, who has experienced anal pleasure, is humiliated by the tentacles of the magic plant. Can Lily resist the new temptation of anal pleasure to the end? [BAD END]

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