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JHSS-02 Heroine Tentacle Digesting Hell - Aries Mask

Masked Heroine Aries has been defending Earth as school teacher named Kaguya Yotsuji. One day, during the art class, she notices a flying object that has arrived from the outer space. While the alarmed teacher Kaguya hurries to the spot where it has landed, space monster Gelion attacks the classroom, swallowing and digesting all the students. Kaguya transforms into Masked Heroine Aries to battle Gelion, but she is no match for the monster and succumbs to the greater power of this perfect warrior, who swallows up Aries. Inside the enemy’s body Aries slowly loses her energy because of the strong stomach acid.... Furthermore, the monster has tentacles in the stomach, mercilessly attacking the heroine. Inside the monster’s stomach Masked Heroine Aries is humiliated and....[BAD END]

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