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JGFD-02 Heroine Fuck - Glamour Mask

A illegal robotics doctor named Daiin Saeba(means a big labia under a bright leaf) is invited to the school. The school’s president named Sadist gets a support of Dr. Saeba, and now in order to carry out a mission of capturing the Glamour-Mask, he points a spear at her and sends a sex-machine man=T-SEX that leads any women to the acme in no time. He makes use of a girl, Saya(means a dubious sand) for luring the Glamour-Mask. But the Glamour-Mask’s nunchaku groans violently. However, the Glamour-Mask confuses before the assassin who doesn’t receive damages at all, and she is held down by its superhuman power and is humiliated by the caressing-attack one after another. Finally she loses her fighting spirit; however, when she is almost inserted, she can escape from the foe due to miraculous troubles. Despite the fact that she has escaped from the plight, it equals to a defeat for her and she cannot pass it over. On the other hand, a teacher of the school who is in charge of health education in the nurse’s office, Mayu Wakamura (means a beautiful friendly girl in a fresh village) hardens her decision hotly and rises herself against the evil foe. Then, responding to it, the Glamour-Mask comes for revenge. However, the foe’s skeletal structure is made from a super natural metal alloy and it’s not completely valid for even her Six-Feet Heavy Stick. T-SEX mercilessly violates the Glamour-Mask who is really aghast. After the Glamour-Mask is captured, she receives lots of super-hard torture. Then, loud laugh of the school’s president and others are echoing endlessly. [BAD END?]

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