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GXXD-93 Sailor Prism 2

This is another tale of three Beautiful Sailor Fighters called ”The Sailor-Prism”... The Rose-Beelzebub Brothers revive and release the tentacles into the center of the earth. Three Sailor-Fighters, who can prevent it, are the Moonlight-Fighter called the Sailor-Priest, the Flame-Fighter called the Sailor-Wizards, and the Water-Fighter called the Sailor-Medium... They transform themselves into the Heroines and knock down the subordinates of the Rose-Beelzebub, but when they realize that it’s a trap which pulls them into the hell, the three heroines are already scattered and fighting separately. It’s impossible to beat the Rose-Beelzebub by oneself. The Rose-Beelzebub appears in front of the each Sailor-Fighter, and the Rose-Beelzebub surrenders and hurts, lams into and humiliates the Sailor-Fighters just like enjoying some games... However, the Sailor-Priest who inherits the blood of the royal family of the Moon is the most troublesome for the Rose-Beelzebub. Taking advantage of experience which the Rose-Beelzebub himself was defeated in a previous existence due to underestimating her power, the Rose-Beelzebub brainwashes the Sailor-Medium and the Sailor-Wizard and succeeds in winning them over his side. Not knowing such a matter, the Sailor-Priest goes into the nest of the Rose-Beelzebub. Then, she is attacked by her once fellows there, and sexual pleasure is being imprinted into her sacred flesh, being attacked by tentacles of the Rose-Beelzebub and repeatedly reached the acme. The three Sailor-Fighters endlessly fall to be the Beelzebub’s sex servants. [BAD END]

GXXD-93 ENG 01 GXXD-93 ENG 02

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