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GXXD-92 Beautiful Middle-aged Athlete Heroine Bright Force

Yuri Ogasawara is a retired rhythmic gymnast. She was also Bright Silver, a former member of Bright Force, fighters of justice protecting the Earth from evil. She is now the commanding officer of the organization, and spends busy days training the newly-recruited soldiers. Haruno Ando, one of the rookie fighters, is excited more than anyone else about her new life as a Bright Force member working with Yuri, as she was once saved by Bright Silver when she was a child. One day, however, Haruno is abducted by armed terrorist group Wyvern. To rescue Haruno taken hostage, Yuri transforms into Bright Silver and fights the enemies in her old-type armed suit, though it has been quite a long time since her last fight. It was a tough fight for her, but Bright Silver rescues the captured Haruno. They go back to the gym and work out together. After the training Haruno gives Yuri a massage, but something is not right with Haruno. As it turns out, Haruno has been brainwashed by Wyvern. Yuri attempts to resist her at first, but the long-forgotten pleasure is too much for the middle-aged woman, and she starts enjoying it. This is the pleasure of being a woman she hasn’t felt for a long time. Yuri’s mind starts to drift off when a mysterious man appears before her, spraying the hypnotic gas on her. While fainting, she smells ”Edius,” the perfume her former partner Eishiro Tsukamoto wore. She wakes up to discover that she has transformed into Bright Silver, and her body gets hot and horny, listening to Haruno’s erotic voice coming from somewhere. She barely contains her desire by toying herself, when Eishiro, her ex-boyfriend, shows up. He has turned her enemy, calling himself Edius, and as the inventor of Bright Suit, he knows everything about the armed suit she is wearing. He now wants Yuri’s body, saying: ”I always wanted to make a complete mess of yourself.” Yuri’s body, which also hungered for Eishiro’s caress, begins to react wildly.... Brainwashed Haruno then joins them and Yuri aka. Bright Silver is being sucked down into the whirlpool of erotic pleasure. [BAD END]

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