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GXXD-90 Godly Beast Force Beast Rangers - Pink Tiger Endless Hell

Monoka Toranami, also known as Pink Tiger, has successfully entered the enemy organization’s territory, where she encounters a humanoid monster. This is a little tough fight for her as she is on her own, but cleverly using her slim body and long legs, Pink Tiger employs aggressive tactics and her deadliest move Pink Claw. She corners the monster and nearly wins the battle when a shocking image is shown before her. It is Red Tiger, the group’s leader she adores, captured by the enemy. Pink Tiger is forced to stop fighting, and she is weakened as the monster’s electro-magnetic whip sucks her energy.... This was a cunning trap using an ingeniously created fake footage. Pink Tiger is caught, and the real Red Tiger, who arrives to rescue her, is also captured after the battle. Pink Tiger wakes up in the enemy’s hideout, where her armed suit is ripped apart by the monster using Pink Claw he took away. Pink Tiger attempts to fight back, but her attack only makes him mad, and the monster disgraces her before Red Tiger. Pink Tiger’s body gets hot, and horny Pink Tiger tries hard to conceal her pleasure, but her gorgeous body, almost ripe, cannot resist it, making her mind spin with erotic delights. Pink Tiger reaches orgasm again and again, and the monster cums insider her. She despairs particularly because Red Tiger, she finds, is sexually aroused too, watching her disgraced. Then the two fighters are made to have a sex before the enemies. And the image of Monoka Toranami/Pink Tiger degraded as the enemy’s servant of sex is broadcast all over Japan, displayed on the street.... [BAD END]

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