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GXXD-86 Heroine Beautiful Fresh Lab Vol.1

Nanako Misushima(means disgrace blossoms on a water-island) is a member of a special organization called the Blitz Fighting Unit, the Perfect-Ranger which protects the peace of the earth and performs her duties as the third generation of the Pink-Ranger, but one day she is caught in a skillful trap which her enemy, the Satan-Cross has prepared for the purpose of making the five Perfect-Rangers separated. When she awakes, her both wrists and ankles are tightly restrained and there is no inch to move. Under Schwarzen Creuts’ command, her experiment by Dr. Mephistopheles is conducted. Actually, she is falling into the same trap as the founder and the second generation of the Ranger-Pink who has been missing after they’re caught. Though the third generation Pink shakes the body to fear, she bears the experiment of the Satan-Cross with her sturdy emotional strength in which she definitely reasons herself out of begging her life. Actually, the purpose of the experiment is to investigate the Perfect-Suit. As far as the enemy knows, the Perfect-Suit is tough against strong shocks, but on the other hand it is defenseless to delicate stimuli. The Pink is going to react to the sexual tease by Mephistopheles and the combatants. Against her consciousness, her body in the suit reacts so violently. Her coming face is exposed over her mask and she bends herself back very sharply. Then, surprisingly, Nanako is found in EAST5 area, but people of her organization consider some impenetrability toward her return with having lived and apply her some interrogation. In the interrogation room, Nanako is forced to transform herself into the Pink and they investigate her body elaboratively, and then, the feel of the disagreeable caress received by the enemy’s combatants revives, and she tries to press down desperately against the body reacts to the sweet stimuli... The Pink cannot hold the pleasure anymore and she raises a cry, but at the moment, a telephone rings and she is called by the director general. On the way to the director general room, she encounters with her fellows and hears that Samajima(means a shark island) knows for a sexual harassment man has been just inaugurated as the new director general. She holds some uneasiness while she is on the way to his room, then as she has guessed, her premonition becomes right to the point. [BAD END]

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