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GXXD-85 Smile! Melpure! Rainbow Fantasy

Hina, once a despaired girl of pure heart but turned into Evil Soul, an incarnation of destruction, is roaming the parallel world, trying to destroy the whole world. As Soul reaches a new world, she meets Pure Iris, a warrior whose job is to defend the world. Iris, with a strong mind of justice and a serious character, is a warrior living as a student usually. When Iris corners the enemy Darist at last, Evil Soul makes an appearance that gives Darist a break for assaulting Iris back. But, Soul takes the lead and Darist retreats. Displeased, Soul takes her leave, saying ”see you again”. After hearing about Evil Soul from her partner Fairy Nanaly, Iris thinks deeply about how to save Evil Soul without beating her down. Then, Iris happens to meet Soul again. Transformed, Iris tries to stop Soul from destroying, but she is beat by Soul under overwhelming force. With Iris taken as prisoner, Soul toys around with Iris to enjoy. But, the two MelPures fall into the trap set by Darist who has been conspiring secretly to capture a MelPure. Soul and Iris, now in Darist’s hands, are groped one by one by Darist. Under persistent torture, two MelPures can do nothing but to show up their true characters. Will Iris be able to overcome the secret hidden in the justice warrior...? [Bad ending]


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