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GXXD-83 Heroine Pinch All Mix - Wing V Wing Blue

In order to destroy fearful arms which the enemy has developed, the Wing-Ⅴ(five) begins to move! The most popular cool and sexy beautiful-fighter in the public mind, Azumi Hiyama(means a peaceful girl in soaring mountains) as the Wing-Blue approaches, along with strategy of her fellows, on a base of the enemy organization! Her figure, which attacks and beats the coming combatants with the splendid techniques, looks so beautiful over her strength. However, forcible release of her transformation is carried out suddenly. This is just opening of the enemy’s fearful strategy. Actually, the enemy has formed a plan to make a use of the arms as a decoy in order to lure the Wing-Ⅴ(five), and scatters each of them and terminates one by one! The Blue-Wing, who is beautiful and smart, succeeds in escaping from it. However, within the enemy’s territory, she’s caught by the countless tentacles and is surrendered in the field. Her whole body is made to move convulsively with the attack which precisely stimulates a female’s sexually sensitive areas such as her sexual organs, tits, sides and neck and so on, and she finally ascends to heaven... But somehow she seize a chance to transform herself once again, but she is held by a machine which generates powerful magnetism and is tattered totally by the electric whip, and then the torture which brainwashes her into an unchaste female fighter begins. After the brainwashing, the Wing-Blue excites, and shows the indecent figure without any hesitation because she wants a hard soaring penis in front of her. That sad figure is broadcasted all over the country, and her fellows of the Wing-Ⅴ(five) are also watching it. But the Blue-Wing, who has spoken about all secrets of the Wing-Ⅴ(five) and driven her fellows into the deep pool of death, wakes up from the brainwash at last then. While she’s regretting immedicable matters which the Blue-Wing cannot recover, she is disgraced and humiliated in front of her fellows... However, the undaunted will as the fighter is still strongly remained. Azumi Hiyama as the Blue-Wing transforms herself and beats the enemy’s monster, and then she regains the pride as the fighter and defeats the whole battles. But unfortunately, she is shot by a combatant whom she has regenerated before. She loses her entire energy and is made into stark nakedness, and continued to be disgraced... [BAD END]

GXXD-83 01 GXXD-83 02

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