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GXXD-73 Beautiful Girl Bandit Heroine - Lesbian Stick

One day, the underground thieves’ outfit Desire has started robbing gold and jewelries indiscriminately and rampaging in streets hurting civilians. The outfit has once had its diamonds stolen by Beauty Thief Coola. So, they have now hired defenders to keep thieves away. But, their treasured priceless diamond, ”Devil’s Smile”, which they stole from elsewhere is snatched away by someone who vanishes in a flash. The culprit is again the Beauty Thief Heroine Coola. She is a member of the Returners, an organization of those who retrieve items stolen by criminals and return them to legitimate owners. Coola is identified as Rika, a co-ed with excellent mobility and judging power, having a strong sense of justice, recruited by the Returners. Then, the thieves’ outfit Desire, after having made a flop again, plans to nab Coola and hires Sadiress the capturer. Sadiress searches Coola’s profile data to find out her weakness and comes across one thing. She obviously loathes anything slimy, which makes Sadiress grin. There is a tip that the Desires is scheduling a break-in for diamonds in a few days, and Coola appears at the site in total darkness. But, she is sure where to find the diamond. She heads toward the diamond led by the glitter of the diamond, then she hears a funny sound at her feet and she gets stuck. Her feet are caught in the slime, when Sadiress appears to tell her that the slime is the ”Thief Catcher” developed after a careful research of Coola’s weakness. Caught in the slime, Coola is sprawled out face up with her arms and legs outstretched. Rejoiced to see her trapped, Sadiress dabs the slime all over her body. In time, changes appear on Cool’s body... Her body is getting warmer. The adhesive slime has been laced with an aphrodisiac which now starts to arouse her sordid desire until she can no longer endure. Sadiress molests Coola with glee and keeps on torturing her relentlessly and maddeningly... [Bad ending]


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