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GXXD-72 Superheroine Domination Hell - Bird Five

Shou Asuka(means a flying bird) as the Bird-Pink rescues a girl named Emi(means a smile) who is attacked by a soldier of a secret organization called the Galuck. Emi says that she escaped from a concentration camp of the Galuck with her parents. But actually her parents have been still taken by hostage and now as a spy of the Galuck’s head named Belga, Emi has obtained a mission to spy on soldiers of the Bird-Five. Without the knowledge, from Emi’s information the Bird-Five dispatches their mechanized unit to the concentration camp of the Galuck. Then, the concentration camp suddenly caused a huge explosion and the all members of the mechanized unit are wiped out. Emi falls under suspicion of the foe’s spy by the Bird-Five, but Shou as the Bird-Pink stands Emi’s side; and based on her information, she goes to the Grand-Mountain where the Galuck’s head, Belga apparently hides and lives. However, what is being awaited there is a mechanized monster called the Dentacle which sucks energy with the palms. Actually, the purpose of Belga is to take energy of the Bird-Five as source of power for making a new style machine called the Franger, which is for subversive activities, to set in motion. Shou splendidly transforms herself into the Bird-Pink and fights against them. But owing to her energy which is gradually being deprived, little by little she is losing the strength and finally she loses the battle completely. Belga gets the energy, succeeds in activating the two Frangers and makes them attack the Bird-Pink to terminate her completely. The Bird-Pink is knocked down helplessly before the two Frangers with its power of supper-heavy weight class, its quick nature not suitable for the huge body and its variegated arms’ option―such as she is hit her entire body by an iron ball with splinters, she is shot like a bullet-ridden body by an energy-shots, she is burned her beautiful legs by flamethrower and she is exposed to an electroshock... Is it possible for the Bird-Pink to escape alive from the two super-heavy weight class destructive machines!?


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