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GXXD-70 Flame Mask & Phantom-Ribbon

At the academic school called the Crimson School, the students have been spending every day of agonized shrieking damnation mercilessly under the severe educational coaching policy made by the school director. However, there is the savior of justice who fights against the corporal punishment which can also be said to be excessive abnormality. Her face is hidden but her body isn’t hidden, but she is a righteous fighter named the Flame-Mask. The school director and the punishment teacher are put out by the mysterious female fighter. Then, there is a girl who yearns after such a heroine, the Flame-Mask. She is Aiko Sawai(means a lover on a stream) who acts as a class officer. One day she tries to rescue her classmate from their punishment but she is placed in the severe punishment on the contrary, and with their electroshock, she is fainted while exposing the white of the eyes, and in addition to that she is about to receive the school director’s special sexual practice; but fortunately, just before it she is rescued by the Flame-Mask. Now Aiko is fully impressed with the Flame-Mask, and she declares herself a naked heroine named the Phantom-Ribbon and decides to fight for justice; however, she is caught in the school director’s trap and is captured. Then, the Flame-Mask comes for help there. But the school director threatens to pierce the virgin of Aiko Sawai as the Phantom-Ribbon by a penis shaped dildo, and succeeds in capturing the Flame-Mask as well. The Flame-Mask is punishmentd, surrendered and shot cum inside her hole by the school director, and at last her mask is removed. Aiko as the Phantom-Ribbon cannot bear the figure of such the Flame-Mask, so she pierces through her virgin by the penis shaped dildo as if she carries out hara-kiri herself. The Phantom-Ribbon gets a sudden sharp pain of virgin loss over her flesh... However, during this situation of everything all over, anger of the Flame-Mask reaches the peak. [HAPPY END]


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