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GXXD-69 Possessed Heroine Transformation - Seiun Mask Androcross

Minami Saotome is a dedicated educator and teacher, respected and adored by her students and fellow teachers. One day Serenada, Princess of the Moon, flies to the Earth chasing the space criminal known as Zucker, and she collides hard with Minami, who gets severely injured. To heal her wounds, Minami agrees to let the moon princess possess her body just for a week. This means Serenada will live inside Minami to help cure her injured body. In the meanwhile the fugitive Zucker possesses the body of Hiruta, Minami’s fellow teacher who is actually a serial rapist, and they form a pact between them to act as one entity so that they can achieve their common goal: to disgrace Serenada / Minami. Zucker then summons his monster Gran and has it attack Minami. Though physically damaged, Minami manages to exchange personality with Serenada and transforms into the female warrior Androcross. She defeats Gran, but Serenada slips into a coma temporarily as a result of spending so much mental energy while using another person’s body in battle, and Minami, whose body is terribly exhausted, is caught by Hiruta. Minami is forced to take an aphrodisiac and she is subjected to mean-spirited Hiruta’s persistent disgraces that drive her wild and insane, and she starts moaning aloud. That is when Serenada’s personality wakes up from her sleep and she drives Hiruta into a corner. However, Hiruta is cunning, always able to stay one step ahead of the heroine, as he has administered a muscle relaxant into her body. Serenada is incapacitated, unable to move a muscle, and she has to go through lots of naughty sexual tortures by Hiruta. Serenada bravely endures whatever is done to her in her attempt to maintain dignity, but because Minami has already tasted the pleasure of sex, Minami’s personality starts to grow bigger inside Serenada’s mind, and Serenada, totally confused, reaches orgasm during Hiruta’s vibrator tortures. Then because of the space criminal Zucker’s saliva that causes itchy skin, Serenada’s armpits, nipples and crotch become unbearably itchy. Serenada pleads to be reunited with Minami’s mind so that her crotch is scratched by her again. After that the heroine becomes a horny moaning bitch after she lets Zucker penetrate her. [BAD END]


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