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GXXD-68 Evil Heroine Surrender - Princess Kimaira

Princess Chimera of the Jaebolt Corps of Vice, intent on conquering the Earth, has knocked off Ex-Rangers and carried out an operation under her own direction to release Ex-Rangers into another dimension of space. But, Prince Gede of Jaebolt, Chimera’s rival, disregards Chimera’s operation and increases the output of the release mechanism to blow off Chimera herself as well. Ex-Ranger Red is also blown off by chance to the same space as Chimera. With beautiful Chimera lying unconscious before him, Red is struck with her womanly charms and forgets about his pride as the missionary of justice and his emotions against enemies of mankind. He hurls his sordid desire at her without realizing what he is doing. Coming to life, Chimera puts up fight in protest, but he forces her down and disgraces her. Not given a chance to die a warrior’s death, Chimera now has to live with shame deeply embedded in her body and sets out on a revenge, accompanied by a specter. But, again she falls into Gede’s trap and ends up in captivity... Red, still remembering Chimera he once screwed, goes berserk in fucking her time and again. While retaining princess’s pride, Chimera glares at Red with cold reproaching eyes but her groin, aroused as never before, squirts aplenty in spite of her conflict-torn heart for justice. Now awaken to the pleasure of sex, Chimera is tamed by Red into a masochist. Will she ever keep princess’s pride and go after total annihilation of Ex-Rangers? [Bad ending]


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