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GXXD-67 Superheroine Domination Hell - Blast Force Blast Rangers

Since the day when she cut off the tail of Melguiad, high-rank officer of the cult religious group Machinka, Blast Pink has been marked as a prime target by him. One day, while investigating a strange case about plenty of women who went missing, Pink is suddenly attacked by the monster Frog-levolor using its tongue that rolls around her body to incapacitate her. Just when Pink is about to fight back, vengeful enemy Melguiad shows up before her. The case of missing women was actually masterminded by Melguiad to lure her away into his trap! Outnumbered by two to one, she is totally helpless with Frog-levolor’s tongue entangled with her body, and Pink is subjected to lynching by the mean-spirited enemy officer. Pink gets beaten, kicked, and choked by Melguiad who is physically much stronger, treating her body like a discarded toy. However, the cruelty of Melguiad, who murdered many innocent women just to set a trap for her, kindles her anger, and Pink succeeds in transforming again, cornering Melguiad. But Melguiad has prepared a backup plan. It is Cactus-levolor, expert of dark magic and tortures, who puts a spell on her by sticking a needle into a magic doll. Pink suffers great pain all over her body. Then as she gets beaten up by a Cactus-bat, her special armored suit is damaged to a pulp. Finally her mask is also destroyed, and the cornered heroine is in great peril when Blast Red arrives to her rescue, and she is barely saved. But the unbearable pains caused by Cactus-levolor’s evil magic would not go away. Pink decides defeating Cactus-levolor is the only way to break the curse, so she accepts the challenge from Melguiad to settle the score once and for all. Little does she know that she has sealed her own doom: three-on-one evil domination hell, where she has to go through all kinds of torments with her cursed body. [BAD END]


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