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GXXD-61 A Heroine Embarrassed - Silverna

One research has been progressed by the Ministry of Earth Integrated Defense day by day. This is a strictly confidential military project called [The Silvana], which can increase the amount of oxygen people breathes dramatically and urges cerebral explosive-activity. The one researcher named Jun is now plotting to involve her best friend who is a new cabin attendant because she has a keen nose. However, the mainstay computer generates just 0.04% gene error!! Owing to that, the heroine is completed surprisingly―with a nose like a pig!? The new super heroine Silvana (actually means a juicy nose in Japanese) blushes in shame, but the navigation computer within her brain called ”The Justy” refutes her to hurry to where evil hostile extraterrestrials are. It’s a pig evolution-typed humanoid named the Assrun to engage the Silvana! ”―Ways you carry yourself, and your turned-up noise―You, the same kind!?” ”No, I’m not the same!!!” The extraterrestrials are profoundly interested in the Silverna’s nose. No wonder―her nose like a pig is so convenient for making a hybrid kind! Well, is the Silvana going to spend her life as the sex servant in their pig planet! ? ―No―No way, I won’t make them do that! Be ready for it!!! [BAD END]


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