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GXXD-59 Heroine In Danger ALL MIX- Metal woman

A daughter of a wealthy family, Metal Woman is a super heroine protecting the peace of Augus City. The young heroine faces real danger, however, when congressman Murai, again planning to construct Augus Tower, organizes “Augus Coliseum” to get rid of Metal Woman, the only obstacle to his plans. He intends to have Metal Woman beaten up mercilessly right before the public eye, so that he can discredit her as mighty super heroine! Initially Metal Woman ignores the provoking words from cunning Murai using the media, but she finally decides on entering the tournament. She intends to take advantage of his too obvious trap to publicly uncover the dark truths about the plotting congressman. However, what awaits her turns out something she never expected: horrifying public disgrace lynching. [BAD END]


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