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GXXD-56 Masked Heroine in Racing Swimwear

Misa is a swimming instructor at ordinary times. She is beautiful girl with a good figure, and she has the good reputation of her work. Misa’s father, Takuma is a police detective, and she admires such a father. One day, before the nose of Misa, her father, Takuma is killed by a Japanese Mafia, Yakuza, who has a grudge against him. In addition, Misa is disgraced. Her body and spirit are totally torn apart, and Misa starts spending unstable days mentally after that. But such a day, she is driven by some emotion, and she puts herself a swimsuit with high-cut legs in front of her room’s mirror and she murmurs. ”Yes, this is it, definitely this...” After a couple days later, in front of the same mirror, there is Misa, who wears items like a SM mistress such as an eye mask, a long robe, a knee-high boots, and her favorite a swimsuit with high-cut legs. And she says to herself, ”I have only this in my life, now.” Since that, Misa names herself the Mask of the Swimsuit with Hight-Cut Legs, night after night she starts fighting against criminals in her city. Since she has become the Mask of the Swimsuit with Hight-Cut Legs, fought against criminal and gained experience as the heroine, she starts considering revenge against the Japanese Mafia who killed her father. And such a day, she figures out the location of the Japanese Mafia’s secret base. The swimsuit Mask ventures into the base and confronts with her hateful foe, and she challenges a battle. However, the foe is much stronger than anyone whom she has fought against, and contrary to her will she is defeated and captured. Her hands are tied up with ropes, her swimsuit is ripped to pieces, and again she is about to be disgraced. But before she falls into imminent danger, the tide is suddenly turned. Adversely, the Japanese mafia is tied up by her, and the foe gets masochistic plays such as a face sitting like a horse riding and spanking, etc., And at last while choking with her thighs, the foe dies. 【HAPPY END】


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