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GXXD-55 American Comic Heroine - United Woman

Lulu, an American of Japanese ancestry, is an active Super Heroine under the name of United Woman. She has come to Japan, chasing after Nicholas Wagner, a convict in the States. Nicholas is in hiding with the Japanese Yakuza clan Ryushu, with the support of their boss Nakamura whom Nicholas has befriended for years. Lulu tracks down Nicholas and sets out to nab him at the hideout. But, there she meets Saito who has lost his right arm in a criminal scheme that Lulu foiled. Saito, now with an artificial arm in place, is the righthand muscleman at Ryushu. With United Woman’s strength overpowering him, Saito resorts to Chlorodyne, a nervous poison, which he injects in her, causing her to faint and surrender. Fed up with United Woman who defies any physical torture, Saito takes advice from Nicholas and succeeds in ripping her costume with a chainsaw. With her self-pride damaged, United Woman’s anger mounts so high that she is now determined to fight with Ryushu to settle the score once and for all. But, Nakamura has a trap set for her. Super Heroine United Woman, Lulu, is now to face with the world of Eros, which she has never known while fighting the evil so far. Under hypnotic effects, frail with Chlorodyne injection, she is forced to dance a pervy dance. Using the dance as a bait, Nakamura puts her on auction at a gathering of the world’s influential men of power. At the demand of these power moguls, she is made to kneel down on four limbs in front of the camera, subjected to a forceful vibrator in her groin, and screwed with an ice dildo... United Woman’s body is spent completely and she has turned into a nymphomaniac. [Bad ending]


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