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GXXD-53 Mechanizing A Heroine - Project Blender 1

Hiromasa Sango is the ruthless and authoritative boss of TPU, a peace keeping organization. With his financial prowess, he intends to control Cheyenne City. Misato Hojo has been reformed and reborn as an android, Blender 01, by Dr.Mitamura, the developer of biological weaponry. Misato, whom Dr. Mitamura rescued for his hidden ambition, is antagonistic to TPU. One day, Misato encounters the special convoy of TPU, brushes off their fighters, starts a duel one-on-one with TPU’s cyborg Guilty and gets in a fix after a fierce battle. She escapes in a close call and receives a changeover surgery by Dr. Mitamura to beef up her potential. During the surgery, however, she is hit by TPU with a bazooka, gets her energy sucked out and recaptured. Sango scares Dr. Mitamura into doing a servitude operation on Misato. Obliged, Dr. Mitamura implants torture pains, pleasures of sexual punishment and loyalty for TPU into Misato’s subliminal senses, before conducting the reform surgery. The surgery is successfully done, and the strongest android is born as planned by Sango. Will this city be subjected to TPU’s rule? Or, ... What surprise awaits in the end!? [Bad ending]


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