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GXXD-51 Super Heroine Domination Hell-Vega Pink

Koharu Fujido, aka Vega Pink, a member of Cosmic Investigators Vega Rangers, has been dispatched to Earth from her headquarters on Planet Vega. Cylogue, a cosmic criminal on death row arrested by Koharu, commissions Cosmic Sacura, who has the power to manipulate dreams and dead souls, to revenge Vega Pink. With the assignment, Sacura assaults Koharu on her mission patrol, puts her to sleep and blows the soul of Cylogue into Koharu in her dream. With her dreams controlled by Sacura, Koharu fails to put up fight and gets beat up by Cylogue in numerous ways. And, in the real world, Koraru, asleep in the arms of Sacura, is in agony with the pains given in her dream. Sacura, not content with just watching her, gets into her dream and joins in hurting Vega Pink. While being hurt and molested in her dream, Vega Pink learns from Cylogue’s slipped words, who’s been so carried away, that things are happening in her dream only, and starts counter attack. But,... [Bad ending]


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