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GXXD-48 Heroine Half Conscious Hell - Pretty Mary

Mari Yabuki, also known as Pretty Mary, is an android created by a genius scientist Dr. Yabuki. Mary is loved by the doctor as if she is his own daughter, but the android girl has another face. She is a heroine of justice fighting the evil witch Sister Sadeu who is planning the world domination. No matter how badly she gets damaged in the fight, indestructible Mary comes back to the battlefield as if nothing happened. This frustrates Sister Sadeu so much that, to destroy the fighting heroine beyond repair, Sadeu attacks Mary with her subordinates including the humanoid monster Break Killer and they finally captures her. Mary shows the whites of her eyes again and again, driven half-unconscious and almost completely being broken, but she never gives up and continues to fight. Mary is in real big trouble, however, when she is disgraced by the enemy and her system starts to malfunction.... [BAD END]


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