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GXXD-47 Heroine In Danger ALL MIX - Accel Girl Great

Accel Girl has been fighting for the peace of the world every day and now she has turned 25. She has nothing to complain about, but she also thinks maybe this is the right time for her to pursue her happiness as woman. Meanwhile, a terrorist General Guile hatches a plan to rule the entire world by abducting the President. General’s plan is frustrated by Accel Girl who rescues the President, however, and apparently his plan ended in failure. But the real purpose of the General is to subjugate Accel Girl to his will, and to keep her as his own. General Guile analyses the body fluid that Accel Girl left, decodes her DNA, and creates a cyborg named “Dokroid,” of which fighting ability surpasses that of Accel Girl! Again Accel Girl is lured into a trap. She is confident at first and keeps her cool, believing she could fight her way out of the trap again. But during the battle against Dokroid she soon realizes she is mistaken and begins to look worried, as the new enemy is more than she bargained for. After the heated battle she falls to the ground unconscious.... In her hazy dream she is attacked by tentacles. She wakes up to find that a combatant is licking her crotch and General Guile, who was made impotent by Accel Girl, punishments and penetrates her sex organ using an electric vibrator, forces her to gush out juices. She manages to escape, but Accel Girl has no supernatural power left. She is lynched by the combatants, who disgrace her and cum inside her. She is battered and humiliated more times than she can remember. But then she finds a Jewel Ring given to her when she was proposed to, and she grabs her last chance to settle the battle once and for all. [HAPPY END]


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