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GXXD-46 Heroine Female Servant - Hyper Cosplayder Reo

The Hyper-Cosplayder=Leo is a fighting lovely girl warrior, who sacrifices herself for the sake of saving other people. Though Leo is proud of her overwhelming potential and solid mentality toward battles, she finally has to admit her defeat upon an all-out battle against her enemy of long standing ”The Death Empire.” After the defeat, one bargaining point is thrust before Leo. That’s truly unbearable one for the proud heroine because she has to be a bitch servant of the Death Empire in exchange for lives of many civilians. But, there is Leo who is defeated. Actually, she can make up her mind to be killed, but she cannot bear unrelated people’s death. So Leo gives away her entire flesh to the most hateful opponent. She feels so much immeasurable surrender because she has to bear the Death Empire’s countless disgrace which is beyond description. However, for the sake of lives of the civilians, she sacrifices her heart and soul. Sad to say, while she is totally obeyed as the sexual servant and she firmly images her death toward the foe’s overwhelming power, she only keeps one thing in her mind. ”Even if I become their sex salve, I can save my beloved civilians!” While she shows such a noble, proud will until her foreseeable last, she totally becomes the Death Empire’s sex servant as the Hyper-Cosplayder=Leo, and she exposes such a sad figure.

GXXD-46 01

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