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GXXD-45 Heroine In Danger ALL MIX - Wing Force : Blue Wing

Tsubasa Aoi (Tsubasa means a wing) is a head woman of a ninja group called the Aoi clan that ostracizes present-day evils from darkness, but her clan is completely terminated by a monstrous woman named the Gorgon. And now Tsubasa is disgraced, fooled around, and she is about to be executed. However, right before that, she is rescued by the Red-Wing. The Red-Wing fully recognizes Tsubasa’s ability and scouts for a member of the Wing-Force. Tusbasa becomes one of the Wing-Force, the Blue-Wing, and she fights against a space ship gang called the Vailers, which aims conquering the earth. For the sake of repaying for being saved, for the sake of beguiling her loneliness toward her lost clan and more than these, for the sake of protecting the earth that everyone in her clan used to love, and now she fights against the Vailers. But in front of her, the Valavail, the strongest foe of the Vailers appears. The Blue-Wing is gradually chased down into a corner because she has never encountered with such a strong foe. However, somehow she succeeds in counterattacking and hurting the Valavail. But the Valavail is beside himself with serious rage. And he finally captures and disgraces her. The Blue-Wing freaks out, but she is still more attacked by the Valavail. In addition to that the Vailers’ cadreman, the La-Dark joins, and two of them torments the Blue-Wing. And she is finally fainted and is put into torture. She is questioned secrets of the Wing-Force, but she never gives up with a resolute attitude. The La-Dark is so vexed, so he puts her into a brainwashing machine. After that she is taken to some place, where actually the Red-Wing is captured. The Blue-Wing trains her gun on the Red-Wing. Well, is it possible for the Blue-Wing to bear her awaiting hell... [BAD END]

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