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GXXD-44 Giant Heroine (R) Plan Pleasure Doll

Creatures from the Star Saralom have traveled far from 100 thousand-light years away, looking for a new world to find the planet earth. They assail and invade the earth by sending in their monsters. But, the earth is defended by Excite Ladies, who battle with the monsters and beat them. The Saraloms, plotting to subdue Excite Ladies, make full use of their scientific power to kidnap Katarina, a small girl just before transforming herself to become a member of the Earth Defense Force. They brainwash Katarina to make her a pleasure doll of Excite Lady by forcing her to observe city destruction images and putting her to a device to sexually excite and stimulate her brain. As a result of watching destructions of city facilities, automatically stimulating her brain with sexual pleasures, she has been restructured now to keep on demolishing anything at sight and indulging in sexual acts endlessly as an ecstasy substance is secreted in her brain. Under control of the Saraloms, Katarina sets out to busting cities on earth. [Bad ending]


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