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GXXD-42 Heroines in Wild Dreams - Pleasure Trainings for Heroines -

I really want to spoil a woman with a keen sense of righteous, who is absolutely impossible to spoil ”I definitely have a desire to obtain a pet of a heroine who is a standpoint on being absolutely unpardonable to loose against foes” This work contains such a dream realizing story that every man desires. This time powerful enemy is a human remodeled typed doctor named ”Dr. Kaiser” who has special arms. Dr. Kaiser’s arms has been completed after long years research, and his arms can give magnificent pleasure to any kind of women and in front of his arms, definitely no women can resist against her honest feeling. Our Captain-Girl resists against his arms at first, but gradually she is obsessed by the pleasure. And at last she pledges her loyalty to Dr. Kaiser and she is totally turned into a dissolutive bitch. [BAD END]

GXXD-42 ENG 01

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