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GXXD-38 Super Heroine Ecstasy Hell - Beautiful Kamen Aurora

Black Club is an evil secret society bent on world domination and they plan to incubate the Devil’s Egg. The Egg needs pleasure energy generated by sexual stimulation, but after several trials using abducted human females, the experiments fail and the Egg wouldn’t hatch. Finally Black Club sets its target on the masked beautiful girl Aurora. Meanwhile, to preserve the maximum amount of pleasure energy, the evil secret society kidnaps Dr. Kishida of New Imperial Metropolis University and forces him to work on the invention of a new machine, giving him abundant financial assistance. Aurora sets out to rescue the doctor, but provoked by the enemy combatants she gets careless and falls into the clutches of the evil. Aurora is forced to orgasm by a remodeled electric vibrating stick and a sexual pleasure pulse vibrator, and she starts peeing while her pleasure energy is sent to the Devil’s Egg. Finally a penis-shaped drill sinks deep into her soaking groin and keeps rotating, and the devil is resurrected in the end.... [BAD END]

GXXD-38 01

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