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GXXD-37 Super Heroine Domination Hell :Justine the Warrior of Love and Justice

Sakura Nakajima is an office worker, but it is only her secret identity; she is really Justine, a warrior of love and justice. Doctor Machinery, one of the high-rank officers of the evil army Diablos, is working on a secret project to defeat Justine and it is a special surgery that turns the combatants into cyborgs. Machinery’s project is a success and he sends out his cyborg combatants to defeat Justine. Justine fights them and she realizes they are no longer easy enemy to deal with.... She realized the trick too late as she has already fallen into the enemy’s trap. Justine is caught and tortured, and is also forced to cancel her transformation. She is in big trouble, but Doctor Machinery, watching the weakened and wounded Justine, releases his prisoner. Now Justine is allowed to go, but little did she know that this is only the beginning of the deadly hunting time.... [BAD END]


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