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GXXD-33 Future Generation Euzebion

Preparing for fighting against coming mysterious creatures called the Messenger, the human race has been building decisive battle weapon named the Euzebion in a hurry. And a girl, who rides in the weapon, is named Kei Asagiri. She is actually a girl, who doesn’t show her feeling outside, and silently she repeats a pilot test of the Euzebion but she is still underdeveloped with the nervous synchronicity. So the Euzebion goes under control many times and hurts her body as well. However, during such hard days, she touches a warm heart of the commander Kisaki who is commanding the Euzebion project, and she keeps riding in the Euzebion even though she is dragging her wounded body. But contrary to her will, the reason why the commander Kisaki takes care of Kei so special is actually for a scheme planned by a secret organization existing his behind. If the Euzebion and the foe’s Messenger synchronize one together, the world wide scale’s nervous synchronicity will occurs and all creatures will be turned into one sole spirit body. That’s the way all human race should be, which is how the commander Kisaki believes. Kei never knows about such a scheme and fights against the foe’s Messenger, and she is entwined all over her body with the foe’s tentacles and at last she is disgraced. And Kei starts to realize herself in her deep inside of mental world, and...


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