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GXXD-31 Madam Heroine - Madam Glorious

Madam Chisato is the leader of the Shouda conglomaerate known as super celebrity, but actually she is a righteous heroine named ”Madam Glorious.” Such a day Madam Chisato is skillfully lured out by her foe of long standing named the Death Empire, and she is attacked by surprise. But she transforms herself into Madam Glorious and fights against them. However, she is mistakenly fallen down with the monster’s electric magnet whip and she is totally captured. Torture masters of the Death Empire tear and rip pride of Madam Glorious into pieces. While she is being given their hard domination and electric shock, she is being exposed her ripped body and shameful spots which she hardly shows to anyone. And after she is surrendered with sexual stimulating machine controlled by the chief torture master ”The Cruel Ambassador”, she is given a coat of itching liquid all over her body; and she begs and asks them like that, ”Please scratch me!” And her pride is already tore and ripped. So Madam is set free from her bondage by the foe, and she tears out her own body so hard and plays with herself; and she reaches the acme. After that she becomes the combatants’ sexual outlets, and conversely she gets mad with the real ecstasy. There is no heroine who is completely torn and ripped the pride like this madam. [BAD END]

GXXD-31 01

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