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GXXD-29 Cyborg Heroine Destroyed:Powered Force Fiborg - Pinkborg

She is a pilot who has suffered deadly wounds in a plane accident. She underwent a surgery, where her damaged body was planted with cyborg parts, and was reborn as Pinkborg of the Reinforced Fineborg Rangers. As Pinkborg keeps battling the vicious clan that plans to conquer the Earth by using mechanized beasts, the strongest of the mechanized beasts emerge. Before other Fineborgs assemble for actions, Pinkborg is assaulted with ultrasonic attacks, sending her cyborg functions out of kilter. She gets her cyborg body destructed gradually. With the reinforced suit and the artificial skin ripped off, her inside mechanisms are revealed naked and torn away. Pinkborg gets strange parts implanted into her cyborg body which controls her motions. She engages in humiliating acts of masturbation in front of the enemy’s brass, who realize that her cunt is made of a human organ. Later she gets gang disgraced by enemy fighters, and her sex control circuits go out of commission. Degraded to a sex servant cyborg, Pinkborg has her body dismantled at last.


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