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GXXD-24 Mature woman heroine disgrace hyper cosplayder JUN

Mature woman heroine JUN divorces her beloved husband not to involve him in any danger on her account when she sets out to enter Death Empire alone. Because of the enemy’s nerve gas attack, however, she loses consciousness. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the middle of the hideout of Death Empire. JUN defeats combatants easily, but discovers her husband is taken hostage by the enemy. Unable to fight back, she is captured, is crucified on a cross and then is forced to drop down on all fours, and JUN’s old identity as the proud heroine is completely shattered through the endless barrages of sexual punishments and disgraces that no ordinary words can describe. Moreover, a shocking revelation awaits JUN as she learns that her husband she loved more than anything is actually a combatant of Death Empire. JUN’s mind begins to collapse and finally she is disgraced by the Death Empire’s mastermind Black Death. This is the biggest and worst disgrace for her and after that she is fucked even by the lowest-ranked combatants who cum inside her again and again. [BAD END]


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