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GXXD-21 Breast Milk Heroine Space Woman

There is a humiliating childbirth in front of eyes of students and colleagues’ teachers. Break of waters→childbirth→cutting of the placenta that how shameful acts hardly to see is going to follow. The girl, who has a baby of a monster, comes off some pleasure equals to man’s ejaculation whenever she leaks her breast milk. So the Space-Woman as the girl always reaches the acme every time she breast-feeds. The Space-Woman is forced to jet out her breast milk by combatants and students and colleagues’ teachers. However, after a monster finds out that there is unknown hidden power in her breast milk, the monster tries to give it to the combatants and plots to enforce his army. The Space-Woman is squeezed her breast milk by a milking machine till the limit of her patience. And after she is sucked her energy and is weaken her body, she is poured her squeezed breast milk all over her body. Combatants seize violent hold of breast milk’s covered body of the Space-Woman. There is endless crazy and shameful banquet will be continued... [BAD END]


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