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GXXD-17 Wing Force

Saori Ijuin, known as Pink Wing of the Wing Force, with a failing heart from her infant days, has been raised with care and attention by a butler. But, with the help of Wing Force, she now has become mentally independent, joining the Force to fight to fell the Empire of Infinity. But, she has a worry. Because of her failing heart, her peers always care for her, and that makes her feel tamely. One day, she gets her butler kidnapped by the shady Needlegen of the Empire. Wanting to prove her fighter’s ability, she sets out alone to confront Needlegen. Pink Wing, however, is now in a fix after having her fighter suit melted with Needlegen’s toxic venom. While trying to cover up her underwear and her breast revealed under the melted fighter suit, she is constrained in fighting the enemy and gets subdued. Now, with the enemies licking and searching her body all over, she gets desperate and resigned until the tail of a big lizard forcibly invading her mouth and finally screwing into her cunt... With her consciousness fading, she realizes suddenly it is none other than her butler that is mounting on her...Bad ending.


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