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GXXD-16 Muscle Five - Muscle Pink

A sinister plan was in progress at the Half-Bugman Empire, an organization of vice led by General Debbs, to abduct Muscle Five of the Muscle Rangers to destroy them. Remaining is the only woman warrior Shoko, known as Muscle Pink. She succeeds in breaking into the hideout of the Half-Bugman Empire, defying General Debbs’ operations. Fighters of the poison bug monsters encroach upon her... But, she keeps beating the vicious fighters with her trained physical power and beefy muscles that are further strengthened by the special reinforced electronic suit. General Debbs, however, has had a destructive beam gun developed to penetrate her reinforced suit. Muscle Pink gets beat down but hangs on to fight back for her peers. Finally, she is captured and lynched. Her trained muscles are molested by General Debbs who screws and ejaculates cum inside her. Gang-banged by the fighters, she loses her tough mind and gets deranged into a female servant craving for more carnal pleasures... Bad ending.


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