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GXXD-15 Cyborg Heroine Machineger

Dr. Shoumeiin was an authority of mechanized operation, and one day his daughter Futaba was killed by a secret society called the Eagle. And he was forced to operate her into the mechanical Warrior. Dr. Shoumeiin just wanted to bring back his daughter to life, so he operated his daughter Futaba to be the Mechanical Warrior Machinja and also programmed her to escape to a place of his former assistant named Dr. Kouseki. And with the passage of time, the Machinja kept fighting against the Eagle so many times, but one day she was suddenly attacked by the Black Mechanical Warrior named Deathtolar, and she fought against it. However, the Deathtolar was implanted a brain of Dr. Shoumeiin in his head. So she couldn’t do anything against the Deathtolar. The Machinja was shot through her body by the Deathtolar-Shot, and she was taken away to a secret base of the Eagle and was forced to be a guinea pig for the Deathtolar. She was shocked through a high-tension current raised by the Deathtolar’s punches so many times and was exposed her mechanical innards. And she was gouged it out by drilling and she was going to suffer and moan just like being in hell tortures. During those procedures, the leader of the Eagle named Migel was aware that there was someone who cooperated with the Manshinja and had technology of mechanized operation. So in order to make her confess where the person was hiding, Migel transmitted computer virus into her body and made her suffer. Her body was wrongly controlled, and her imperfect red parts of her body turned into human body. However, the Machinja bore and held against attack of combatants and the virus transmission to her body. On the contrary, when she was transmitted the virus, accidentally the program was connected into Dr. Kousaki Laboratory. And Dr. Kouseki ventured into the Eagle’s secret base in order to rescue her... Well, how would be life of the machinja turned out...?


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