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GXXD-13 Silver Star

A beautiful girl named ”Hitomi Natsu”, who was fighting against aliens invading to the earth, was able to transform herself into the Silver-Star at three levels! And her source of energy came from water. The Pickle alien known as assassin alien once annihilated the Silver-Star’s planet, and then the alien aimed at the earth where she was staying and were about to invade again... ”I will never let you do this again!” She transformed herself into the Silver-Star and fought against the alien. However, she was sucked her energy out by the tentacle whips and couldn’t transform herself into the second level, and she was driven into the pinch and was treated harshly by the alien. Fortunately she had a narrow escape from the deadly pinch, and she succeeded to drink water again and transformed herself into the third level of the Silver-Star that was actually gigantic size. She again fought against the monster and the alien that also became so enlarged, but she was disgraced by them all together. She imagined that her gigantic silliness play was seen by all of people in the town, and that drove her into serious suffer. After she came back to human size, on top of that hard whipping and compulsion of being come so many times by huge electric vibrator were awaiting her, and that made her beautiful body twisted and circled and brought her into serious moan madly. And, she was shot cum inside of her vagina by aliens for the purpose of mating. She tried to scratch out all of semen desperately, but in addition to that she was noticed much more shocking fact after that...


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