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GXXD-12 Invincible Goddess Beauty

The space investigator Beauty chased down a criminal named Dice to the earth, but during the midst of the fight against Dice, she mistakenly killed a civilian named Seiji Kawakatsu. In order to save Kawakatsu, she combined with Kawakatsu, and with his cooperation even she could chase down Dice again. However, on the contrary to that Dice didn’t run away because he found out the fact that Beauty combined with Kawakatsu who was just a civilian, and instead of that he was going to attack Beauty for taking his chance. Owing to being combined with Kawakatsu, she started to feel pains that she never had tasted before and she started to feel so terrified. At last she lost her consciousness by attack of Dice, and she was locked in his hidden place and was about be tortured. Dice, who had his long-standing grudge against Beauty, brought his all negative feeling and he crashed into her, and Dice was continuously giving pains to her heartlessly. Actually Beauty, who was combined with Kawakatsu, didn’t want him to be involved, so she couldn’t fight back to Dice at all! Dice was not satisfied with that teasing, so in order to force her into a tight corner, he was starting giving her pleasure torture with all kind of disgrace. After Beauty found out what real pleasure for woman, she began to shake her butts with her own will. Well, was Beauty going to be brought herself down into just one female servant like that!

GXXD-12 ENG 01

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