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GXXD-11 Female Sun God Isis

A female warrior Lyra searching for a phantom thief Brad who has seized ”Red Life”, a stone designated a national treasure of ”Horn” known as the state of the sun, gets held in captivity after getting stung by a venomous sting. While being molested, Lyra desperately tries to convince Brad that Red Life seals in an evil genie and it will be a disaster if he doesn’t offer prayers regularly. However, Brad never believes that, which results in his getting under a spell of Red Life and becoming an evil genie ”Red Curse”. To counter Brad who has turned into Red Curse, Lyra transforms herself into a superwoman ”Isis” with the power of ”Sun Stone”, a devil’s stone which makes a woman a superwoman by entering her secret parts. Isis fights against Red Curse, but as Sun Stone moves to and fro inside the body, Lyra who got aphrodisiac shot can’t tolerate the feeling of pleasure and her transformation is released. Yet she manages to get out of the pinch and defeats Red Curse with full force transforming herself once again into Isis by means of masturbating. However, she is to face a new danger.


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