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GVRD-92 The Reaper Empire – Wander Lady vs. Disgrace Hunter Union

Schwarzenkreuz, the leader of the Reaper Empire, sells videos of heroines getting disgraced as a source of revenue. HeroPin Mask of the Akihabara GIGA Shop and Director Shaku Kan send Slugg to attack Sailor Luminous! The monster performs very well and the sales grow drastically. Little after, Erica Grace of the International Investigation Agency investigates the Akihabara GIGA Shop for clues about Luminous. HeroPin Mask explains to Erica that every women in their movies are porn stars. Soon after she leaves the store, he sends combatants to disgrace her. But just when they attack her, HeroPin Mask finds out that the investigator is actually Wander Lady. She fights against the monster courageously, but due to the subliminal effects from watching the GIGA porn, she gets addicted to... HeroPin Mask creates a more powerful monster that has the ability to split itsel. Wander Lady gets captured by the monster and… Can she stop the Reaper Empire from filming her!?

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