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GVRD-78 Heroine Sacrifice Remake

Helena hides her feelings toward her brother... Her home planet was destroyed by the Devilers, and had no choice but to flee to Earth. Now, the monsters are trying to destroy Earth. Helena fights with her brother, Bresbang, to fight off the demons. But she reminisces about her father’s secrets... She and her brother are not related by blood! Helena’s feelings toward her brother grows bigger and bigger. But Helena must keep her feelings to herself... But something awful happens. Bresbang is captured by the enemy and is critically injured... Commander Death Breath commands her to become his mistress if she wants to save her brother. She is forced to swear that she will love the man, who destroyed her home planet, for the rest of the planet. She is forced to kiss him in front of her brother... Later, she is crucified on a cross and gets tortured by Commander Death Breath... Bresbang is brought to the room where his sister is... Then she gets disgraced by Commander Death Breath in front of her beloved sibling...

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