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GVRD-51 Gross Otaku Gathering Heroine's Body Odor and Fluid

Pure Saber is being broadcast online... Two men are enjoying the voyeur. Just when they finished recording, they find Pure Saber disarming her fighting suit. Her fans find out that she is a student of the Elegance Academy. They hack into the Academy’s server and steal the information of the girl. Mishio Shiratori, aka Pure Saber, hears a scream while she was returning home and she finds an innocent man getting assaulted by thugs. Mishio jumps in and saves the man, ’Are you alright?’ ’Th, Thank you... Mishio Shiratori!!’ For some reason, the man knew her name. Just when she thought something was wrong, someone covers her mouth with a cloth, and gradually loses consciousness. Mishio tries to regain consciousness by holding the transformation brooch but... Mishio is captured by the men... When she wakes up, many men were touching her all around her body... ’This brooch works by detecting your sweat, saliva, and body odor...’ The men continue caressing her... The man places the brooch on her breast. Pure Saber screams, ’That’s pointless! The brooch will never react to such a thing!’ But the transformation brooch begins glowing. Pure Saber is surprised it had reacted. She finally cannot endure it anymore and uses Pure Tornado on them. But the magic does not work against the men! Then she finds out that her special ability only works against the monsters... Now, Pure Saber is no different from any other girl... She gets surrendered by many men... [BAD END]

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