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GVRD-34 Super Heroine Returns NEO - Magnetic Force Magnaman Part 1

Hyudlar Family’s schemes are repetitiously interrupted by Magnaman. They kidnap a human named Python, who has the power of using a powerful hypnotic waves. Python is then transformed into a deadly monster and starts attacking innocent people. All of the members of Magnaman besides Maki are cursed by the Mindler. Just when she was about to get killed, Mindler falls in love with her! Maki tries to unravel the truth about Mindler in order to decipher the curse. Later, she has a chance to fight against him but he uses telekinesis and hypnotism. Mindler takes Maki to his hideout to enjoy toying her. He tries to negotiate with Maki; in exchange for her life, she will become his servant. But there is a breakdown in negotiation!! Mindler begins to play with Maki’s gorgeous body using the ice blade... General Hyudlar enters the room and wants her dead as soon as possible. Mindler revolts against General Hyudlar but gets killed for treachery. When General Hyudlar tries to execute Maki, Queen Hyudlian communicates with him using telepathy. ’Carve my seal on that bitch’ General Hyudlar unwillingly carves a seal on her. Will Maki be able to escape from the Queen’s torture? [HAPPY END]

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