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GVRD-03 Superheroine Domination Hell - Miss Grace VS Superior-Lady

Miss Grace is shadowing a combatant to find out about Chaos’ hide out. Unfortunately Miss Grace is detected by the enemy and is forced to fight without transforming because she cannot allow them to find out about her true identity. But obviously she has no chance against the combatants, and changes while they were off guard. Although she is heavily wounded, she manages to annihilate the combatants. Just when she finished all of them, Doctor Gilse and his monster blinds her. She is asked for the location of the headquarters but she refuses to tell him. She gets killed by them soon after and Battle Future F annihilates Chaos. But they could not find the corpse of Doctor Gilse... Twenty years have passed then and a new super heroine “Superior Lady” saved the world. Doctor Gilse is back and prepares for a world domination... [BAD END]

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